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Uniontown teachers not planning strike


Uniontown teachers not planning strike

By Cindy Ekas
Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Teachers in the Uniontown Area School District, who have been working without a contract since the beginning of the school year, have no plans to strike.

"We have no plans to strike at this point in time," said Joe LaPresta, a member of the union's negotiating team, before a school board meeting Monday night. "We're coming to the school board meeting to find out what's going on."

About 100 district teachers attended the meeting to show their support for reaching a contract settlement.

LaPresta said the union's negotiating team has been meeting with representatives of the school board and Superintendent Charles M. Machesky in an effort to reach an agreement.

"We've been meeting on a regular basis and trying to come up with a compromise that both sides will accept," LaPresta said. "Salary and fringe benefits need to be resolved, but there are other issues in the contract that we have to work out before an agreement can be reached."

LaPresta, who has 35 years of experience and teaches advanced placement American history and honors world culture classes, said the next negotiating session will take place Nov. 9 at Central School, the district's administration building on Church Street.

The previous five-year contract for the district's 254 teachers expired at the beginning of September. LaPresta said he has no idea how many years will be covered when a new agreement is reached. The district has an estimated 3,045 students.

The school board held a 45-minute executive session to discuss ongoing contract negotiations, the hiring of several teachers and expelling an unidentified student.

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  1. So, it's already 2011, and Uniontown teachers still aren't receiving the contract that they most definitely deserve. That's terrible!!! My opinion goes out to all of the Uniontown Area School District teachers. I'm a student in one of the schools in the district, and I must say that the teachers that I have had and currently have in the classroom, have got to be the best group of teachers that I probably will ever have. All of them work so well with the students and I know for a fact that they do care about their students' education. Some people say that Uniontown is no good, but the teachers can prove a person wrong, because you have a decent group of educators in the community, willing to do their best, and I think that they really are making a huge difference.

    Before I forget, thank you Mr. Miller for this post!!! :)